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Onbuild offers Independent building solutions.  


Independent… Our solutions are Independent of the builder we work with.  Just like a banking broker we analyse the needs of our clients and match them to the best building solution.  

End to end….Our service is complete and end to end we can design you a home building or renovation, assist you in selecting all the materials obtain planning and building permits and then find the right builder to build your home. Our service does not stop there we can see it through till the end managing your builder for you right through the process.  

Niche building solutions… Need to build something awesome, creative, Green, or a vision that you have in your mind and need to get out.  We’ll listen take your vision and do all the hard work in the background to bring your vision to life.

Yard-space solutions…Bought a house and now realise there is so much more to do? Driveway, front landscaping, rear landscaping , pool, shed, clothesline letterbox, TV antenna, Outdoor kitchen, Backyard studio, Workshop, Granny flat .  At Onbuild if you have already found a great deal from a builder to build the home we’ll help you finish it off.   

Turnkey House solutions. We don’t do House and land packages at Onbuild there are plenty of others that do.  We prefer that you just pick the land that you want and we’ll shop the market for the best turn key built solution we can find. 

Commercial Building Solutions…Your running a business and its growing, you have a family and they are growing life is hectic as it is and now you want to renovate or build a new office or do an office fit out.  You can try co-ordinating it all yourself or you can put a value on your time continuing to grow your business and let the experts at Onbuild handling’s the process for you. 







Craig McAllister

With a 15 year professional career working for Australia’s largest builders, developers and project marketers across different States, Craig’s passion for property is in understanding the underlying drivers of growth, timeless design and build quality.

More than just knowing the operational aspects of a building company Craig has completed a qualification in Carpentry and in order to stay current with trends on site continues to dedicate time to building. 

With roles in Sales, Sales Management and several General Manager positions for across multiple builders, Craig can boast extensive end-to-end experience in managing the customer experience from the initial enquiry, right through the operational aspects and construction components of the building journey.

Craig’s passion for seeing others thrive through home ownership has led him to forming Onbuild and through this he is able to do what he loves each and every day.

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