Tired & Confused When Trying To Choose A Builder To Take On Your Project?

Introducing Onbuild Project Management

Does your experience sound something like this?

You begin your search online and this points you to all the big builders and their display homes.

You then spend the following weekend heading out to a display village or 50 and realise that you are now more confused than before you started. Sales consultants feeding you information about base prices, promotions, standard inclusions and upgrades when all you want to know is “how much as is?”

After forging your way through all of that you settle on a select few only to find out it’s their way or the highway in terms of design and process and your simple questions are met with not so simple answers.

It’s at this point, a fork in the road appears…

You can jump on the big builder bus and accept compromise and the fact you’re going to have to roll up your sleeves and work through this or…

You can begin driving around your area looking for site signs in an attempt to try and find a smaller builder. Someone you hope is a little more forthright and a lot more understanding of what you want and how you want it.

Might sound simple but it never really is.

It’s daunting, it’s stressful and it takes a lot of time and energy. Can you ever feel really confident you’ve made the right decision? 

Value for money? Timeframes? Quality workmanship? Design? Function?

We provide peace of mind through simplicity and independence.

 We listen in order to understand your unique needs and wants before creating an individual approach to tackle your project. There is a perfect solution out there.  We just need to make it happen.

We work with our network of builders to align you with the best builder suited to you and your project. Alternatively we can tender for a builder on your behalf or assist you to owner build. 

Being independent means we can be completely transparent. Relationships between builders and their clients often end badly.  This is usually due to poor communication and documentation. We are with you every step of the way to help foresee any issues before they arrive as well as keep the builder and client honest.

All Onbuild representatives and affiliates are Industry professionals. We strictly and strategically work with stakeholders that share our passion for great service, and a genuine desire to help our clients into a solution that works for them. 

Want to know more?

Next steps…

  • Book a meeting – for us to offer any authentic advice, first we must understand the problem.
  • What does it cost? To be honest we don’t know.  Each project is different.
  • The first consultation is free and at the very least we will provide you with a cheat sheet of “things to look out for

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